600 South 4th St. Richmond, CA 94804 (510) 412-5300. Buyback: Call for prices. Pickup: Large quantities only (10,000 pound minimum). Drop-off: During business hours only. Fees. General Info: Buyback all types of ferrous scrap metal - 500lb min. to receive cash.Under 500 lb. Is drop-off only. Buyback of all non-ferrous metals including copper, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel.

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Cast iron recycle price per pound

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Latest Prices for Scrap Metals, Materials and High Grade Papers. Commercial & Corporate Accounts Welcome. All Scrap Prices Are Subject to Change Without Notice and All Materials Subject to Verification. Contact Weiner Iron & Metal by phone (570) 622-6543 or email for scheduling and large lot / bulk pricing. CanMan Recycling is your one stop for recycling all scrap metals, AC units, insulated wire, Lead Batteries, Computer E - Waste & Much More in Cheyenne, WY. ... Prices Effective June 15, 2022 ... .0.25 per pound $.10 to $100 depending on condition $.10 each: CONTACT US TODAY. CanMan Recycling aka King Copper. The following information represents London scrap yard prices. For info on high-volume or long-distance scrap and recycled metals, please call at 800-265-7897. ... Cast Iron (Radiators and Porcelain) $315.00/nt $347mt . $315.00/nt $347mt . Cast Iron (Drums and Rotors) $335/nt 369/mt. $335/nt 369/mt.

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We are a family owned and operated full time scrap yard in Fresno CA. Call 599-255-8355 for all your recycling and scrapping needs.

What Is The Current Price Per Pound For Scrap Irom In Alabama? Economics. I visited Alabama 65 and brought 1 pound of Scrap iron... It cost me around 3 rupees. If thats any... What Is The Current Price Per Pound For Scrap Aluminum In delaware? Recycling. You can expect to get 29 cents per pound for mixed aluminum scrap in Delaware. Aluminum .... The average buying price of No 1 Cast Iron Scrap for the last seven days is with a high of and a low of USD per pound. The 30 day average buying price of No 1 Cast Iron Scrap in US North is 222.75 with a high of 255.0 and a low at 213.93 USD per pound.. 31-33¢. Irony/dirty scrap aluminum. 08-12¢. Extrusion, solids / clips, rims / wheels, litho sheet. 40-70¢. Irony extrusion. 30-40¢. Requirements: Scrap aluminum includes siding, door and window frames, auto and machine parts, lawn furniture, pots and pans. Remove all contaminants such as nails, screws, rivets, bolts, wood, plastic, caulk.

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Cast Iron Roasted Coffee. Wyoming Roasted. Cowboy strong. Put a Lil' Buck' in your cup! ... Recycled Coffee Burlap Bags Cowboy Devotion Burlap Coffee Stockings ... Unit price / per . 5 Pound Bags Regular price From $82.99 USD. Find out the daily price of scrap metal and e-waste at our friendly Long Island scrap yard. Arrow Scrap Arrow Scrap. West Babylon Location. 83 Kean St. West Babylon, NY 11704; 631-491-3061; Get Directions. Holbrook Location. 1120 Lincoln Ave. Holbrook, NY 11741; 631-319-1910; Get Directions. Copper Spot Price Spot Change; Copper Price per Pound: $3.49-0.04 -1.15% Copper Price per Ounce: $0.22: 0.00 -1.15% Copper Price per Ton-80.00 ... following iron and aluminum. It's present in metal alloys like sterling silver, cupronickel (copper-nickel), and bronze, and its implementation over thousands of years is a testament to its.

Charlotte Pipe. Cast Iron Sixteenth Bend. Model # NH 00014 0800. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. Charlotte Pipe. Cast Iron P-trap. Model # NH 00042 1000.

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